Le Manoir is one of 4 very old properties that make up the hamlet accompanying the monastry La Tennaile. La Tennaile was originally established in the 12th Century to support the pilgrimages of that time down through France to Compostella in Spain. The monastery, currently unused by its owner, is nationally protected, has its own Abbey and forms a delightful backdrop.

Le Manoir was probably originally built to service the monks and pilgrims of La Tennaile, we think as a bakery but possibly providing other produce such as from the sweet chestnut plantation. Chestnuts were a key part of the winter diet in rural france and can be made into flour or crushed for oil.

Parts of the Manor house are thought to be over 400 years old and the fire place in the main drawing room has been dated as c1750 - before the French Revolution and Napoleon. It is inspirational to live in a property with such history and It has been a joy to be steward of this lovely place for a brief part of its long history.

The main house has been improved over the years and someone spent a lot of money to dry-line many of the internal walls with a French thin terracotta brick. This leaves an air gap between the walls you live within and the very old stone walls. Quite unusual.

The property has been in English hands for many many years since a director of one of the big oil companies in the UK purchased it as his retreat and he had part of the huge barn buildings converted into stables for his two hunters. When he died he apparently left a Rolls Royce in the barn for the next purchaser.


Click on the links below to see the detailed layouts of the main buildings that make up the property and a description.

I have done my best to be accurate but the software had limitations especially in dealing with the very thick walls of these lovely old stone buildings.

So please use the plans alongside the pictures to give you an idea of what is on offer and the potential. If you need to confirm any exact dimensions send me an email and I will get right to it!


The Manor House

The 3 Bedroomed Cottage

The 2 Bedroomed Cottage





  • Gite business good will,

  • all existing Gite rental web sites

  • client email database

  • For an offer close to the asking price most contents and equipment to allow you to start generating income immediately.

  • copy of the planning permission I obtained for a range of improvements beyond those that I have had time to implement - see details below.


This is a big and complex property and I will do my best to help you get up and running. I have documented most of the information on how the various systems work and, besides an introductory tour, I will provide instruction manuals for you to refer to.

I have provided additional information which can be reached by the following links:

Utilities and Services

Taxes, Charges & Costs


To help you get up and running, I will be prepared to enter into an agreement to provide support for an agreed period of time. This support could be telephone/email information and advice and problem solving. Details can be discussed when you feel it is appropriate.

The drawing to the right is taken from the French official land registry ( called Cadastral). The blue area is the grounds of the property and I have annotated the different buildings so you can get an impression of the layout.

Beyond the blue area, you can see the layout of the other 5 properties that make up this hamlet.

The space we have is huge and you only notice our neighbors if you make the effort to walk to see them!

With our own extensive grounds providing a wide space around all of the properties you have privacy and lovely views in all directions.

Below I have provided more detailed information but, if you need anything further, please email and I will get right to it!


The 3 Bed Cottage is only recently completed and to a high standard of fittings. You should not feel you need to improve the facilities to command a good rental price.

The 2 Bed Cottage could be improved relatively easily to increase the size of the kitchen and bathroom. This would potentially allow you to increase rental prices.

If I was able to stay here, my next improvement investment would be to the Manor House. It would be relatively easy to create en-suite bathrooms to both of the largest bedrooms and they would then command a good price for B&B or make it possible to rent this very large property to holiday makers in the summer and to local families in the winter. I have planning permission with detailed drawings for the necessary changes which could save you some money if you were considering similar changes.

THE GROUNDS are essentially flat and 1.4 Hectare in extent. This is all the land you need for complete privacy and lovely views that you control. Most of the land is grass covered and could support a horse or sheep if required. Part of the grounds was originally a commercial sweet chestnut plantation. 12 of these magnificence trees remain and produce a potentially valuable crop of very large, marketable size, chestnuts (see below). I have not had the time to exploit this for income and instead invite friends and neighbors to come and collect as many as they want and we still have lots for stuffing the turkey!!

We have planted over 250 trees and shrubs to attract birds and butterflies and this has worked very well.

Our sweet chestnuts are superb!!

Tony Dearsley - Charente Maritime, France. email is always monitored

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